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Hello there!

Welcome to my website Here i provide information about my projects in different software areas. You also may find links to my social networks and to my collections of URLs for personal use and software development. This website was made with jQuery and MaterializeCSS.


My personal websites and (external) projects which i am/was working on and provide for public access. You may also discover usable web tools for your own purposes.


Since i got my first smartphone, i just loved to modify everything on and in it. I have even created some apps myself. You can find some of my apps and customizations here. (still in progress!)

subscriptionsVideo Edit

I am also into video editing for stuff that im interested in. You may found some on my self made videos here along with some youtube playlists for different stuff (eg. music).


There are a couple of interesting projects i have worked on during my computer science studies. I list some of them here on this website.

About me

My name is Omar J. Aviles Holzknecht and i am a Bachelor of Computer Science, currently studying for my Master's degree. I have made this site to share some stuff i am/was working on.

Since you are reading this, i suppose you want to know more about me :) I was born in Nicaragua and i am currently living in Austria. Besides of programming and computer stuff i love other nerdy things like boardgaming and anime. I am a big boxing and american football fan and also do some sports too. Doing so i try to bring my body and mind in balance according to my philosophical perspectives. You may learn more about me following/adding me as friend in one of my social networks listened below.

Startpage for Browsers

Startpage for Browsersapps

Startpage for Browsersclose

Since there are a lot of reliable cloud based webtools nowadays, one collection of URLs is enough to find/do everything you need from any terminal available. My most used webtools are listened in this startpage for browsers. It is like my personal entrypoint to the internet :) Any additional links are saved and structured in Evernote, which is also one click away from this startpage.

Warcraft Web Services - Jeeves

Warcraft Web Services - Jeevesapps

Warcraft Web Services - Jeevesclose

Jeeves is a robot butler. He offers a variety of services for World of Warcraft players. If you are a gamer, you may have a look at this site.

Youtube Channel

My Youtube Channelapps

My Youtube Channelclose

This is my Youtube Channel, where you can find my videos about Gaming and Boxing.

You may also look for my public playlists. I have playlists for different purposes, most of them contain music videos. Builder Builderapps Builderclose is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond. vocabulary can be used with many different encodings, including RDFa, Microdata and JSON-LD.

With this tool, the Builder, you can create valid structured data according to schemas. You can select from predefined schemas and input your data. You can left input fields empty, they wont be used in the annotation generated. At the moment only JSON-LD can be generated (easiest to add to already created webpage).

Domain Specific Language

Visual Novel - A day in the life of Bruce Wayneapps

Domain Specific Language - Visual Novelclose

The outcome of our (Omar, Marcus, Patrick) project is a Domain Specific Language which can be used to describe an adventure game. The DSL (or the extend Artifact output of it) should be put as an input file for a game engine. We write our own game engine which reads the DSL Artifact and makes the described game playable. Our game engine is based on HTML5, which means the described games can be played on a browser. As an example, we have "A day in the life of Bruce Wayne".

Visualization in NIDS

Visualization in Network Intrusion Detection Systemsapps

Visualization in Network Intrusion Detection Systemsclose

Attacks on the Internet are becoming a bigger problem since more users, companies and even complete societies rely on the correct functioning of the Internet. Most network operators deploy Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) to identify attacks and protect their selves against those attacks.

Visualizations are very important in this so called NIDS since they can show a very large amount of data in a specific way that makes it easy to understand the data/concern just by looking at the visualization. This is part of my master seminar thesis.

Kawaii Wars

Kawaii Warsapps

Kawaii Warsclose

KawaiiWars is a browser card game based on the rules of rock-paper-scissor-lizard-Spock. Two fellow students and me implemented this as our university project for the Web Engineering course.

It is a based on a fantasy type of theme using elements as substitutes for rock, paper, scissor, lizard and Spock (fire, water, nature, light and dark). Each element can defeat two elements and in return can be defeated by two other elements. Users will be able to create a user profile with name and password. With a profile a user can keep track of his experience and his collected cards.